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Volunteer Program


The Monterey County Regional Fire District has a battalion of volunteer firefighters who augment our career staff on emergencies, and with day-to-day operations. If you are interested in joining our volunteers, read more about the hiring process below, and submit your interest via email or phone. If you would like to follow the volunteers on Facebook, click here.


Volunteer Firefighter, Entry Level
Hiring Process Information

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Typical Duties:


Volunteers are an integral component of the Monterey County Regional Fire District.  The MCRFD Volunteer position is an entry-level position from which paid personnel are selected.  Volunteers work under the direction of their immediate supervisor as part of an engine company, an ambulance EMT and in various support functions.  They must be willing to work under adverse/dangerous conditions and devote their full time, ability and attention to the needs of the District when on duty.


Minimum Requirements:



Timeline for Testing Process


General Information

The following information is to give applicants, a brief description of each step in the Volunteer Firefighter, hiring process. Additional information will be provided as the applicant progresses through the process. The process consists of the following:





The orientation meeting gives the applicant an opportunity to receive an overview of the District and obtain information regarding the responsibilities and expectations of a Monterey County Regional Fire District Volunteer Firefighter.


Written Examination

The written examination has a total of 100 items and is designed for candidates with no previous fire service related experience or education. All materials needed for taking the examination will be provided. The examination may cover all or some of the following subjects:





The Candidate Physical Ability Test, administered by CFFJAC, measures the capabilities of firefighting recruits along eight job-specific areas. Please see


Oral Interview


Candidates passing the Written Exam and CPAT will participate in an Oral Interview. Candidates will be asked to respond to a series of questions and scored according to their reply. The Oral Board will consist of three to four members. Candidates must receive a final minimum score of 70% in the Oral Interview to continue in the Hiring Process.


Eligibility List


Upon passing the Written Examination, the Oral Interview and successfully completing the PAT within the maximum time, the candidate will be placed on the Eligibility List. Candidates will be placed on the Eligibility List according to their final score. The final score is determined by an average of the written examination score and the oral interview score.


Pre-employment Drug Screening


Candidates offered and accepting employment shall be required to complete the pre-employment drug screening within 24 hours. The candidate must go to the Drug Screening Provider selected by the District.


Personal Background Check


After passing the Pre-employment drug screening, the candidate will undergo a personal background check. This check may involve reports from law enforcement agencies, Department of Motor Vehicles, past and present employers, personal references, etc.


Medical Physical Examination


Upon favorable results from the Personal Background Check, the candidate will receive a medical physical examination from a physician designated by the District.


Firefighter Academy


Upon completing and receiving clearance from the Medical Physical Examination, the candidate will begin training as a Volunteer Firefighter.



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